Our body’s innate ability to heal itself is marred by pollution, lifestyle, and stress of the daily grind.

We at Naked Press believe getting the right nutrients from raw ingredients can help to increase that self-healing capability.

In 2015, our team came up with cold-pressed juice detox packages to help people fulfil that need.

What started simply from two ladies meeting in the gym by chance has led us to a journey of purpose.

We now work with a team of doctor and nutritionist to create the best cold pressed juice packages specifically designed to boost our natural self-healing ability.

To date, our cold-pressed juices have helped thousands of customers to heal themselves from numerous ailments.

We hope to contribute to a kinder world where everyone has a mind, body, and soul connection — with balanced nutrition as one of the important keys to achieve that.

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

After choosing the best raw ingredients, making cold-pressed juice is a two-step process.

The first stage is to shred the fruits and vegetables into a pulp.

The second process is using a hydraulic press to squeeze the water from the pulp — the water separated from the pulp is what we sell as cold-pressed juices.

Without any pasteurisation and heat involved, this ensures the good bacteria are still alive when we consume the juice. This is very crucial to promote self-healing in our body.